Ewa josefsson & valentina rose



Ewa and Valentina have been leading retreats together since 2013. This positive, light-hearted duo is always focused on creating an open minded atmosphere where each participant can thrive.

With Ewa, breath is our guide in dynamic, almost dreamy vinyasa flows led with a deep love for both the ancient art of yoga, as well as each contemporary individual expression of it. A senior yoga and meditation teacher in the Florida yoga community, Ewa is known for intelligently sequenced power yoga and vinyasa flows with a cadence of a moving meditation.

With Valentina, you will focus on alignment and moving into stillness. You will learn the use of props to avoid injury and deepen your practice. You will realize that the real pose sometimes begins when you want to exit it, how to dissect individual postures and then piece them back together and eventually find a more profound understanding of your own mind-body connection. When not teaching alignment based yoga Valentina leads challenging and upbeat barre classes to strengthen and tone the body in between yoga sessions.

While Ewa is considered one of the leading vinyasa and Jivamukti yoga instructors in Miami Beach, Valentina spends her time traveling the world and teaching yoga.


About Ewa Josefsson, E-RYT 500

Certified Skanda Yoga Teacher, Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher

Balancing dynamic motion with pockets of stillness, Ewa Josefsson's vinyasa classes are characterized by the juxtaposition of effort and ease - sthira and sukha. Smooth transitions and seamless sequencing leads the practitioner into the flow of life, where anything is possible: Suddenly a perfectly balanced handstand or a deeper release in an opening pose occurs. Self-imposed limitations and mental blockages are overcome through the playful dance of strength and release, breath and asana, meditation and mudra. We are encouraged to create our own experience, following the breath inwards and just like a surfer aligns with the wave, effortlessly riding the universal pulsation of life.

Ewa Josefsson has been practicing as a full time yoga teacher since 2012. Born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden, she started out as a news reporter and later on freelance travel reporter. After a few hectic years of living in New York City, and close to burning out, she visited Miami, Florida and realized that her daily yoga practice was the source of happiness in her life.

She wanted to devote her time to spreading the light of yoga. She attended the 200 hour, as well as the 300 hour advanced teacher training with asana-master Ken von Roenn, founder of Skanda Yoga, an alignment-based power vinyasa. She is also a 300 hour certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher. She has co-taught in several teacher trainings, including Skanda Yoga, Green Monkey, and Tropical Vinyasa.

She hosts regular handstand workshops, Tibetan dream yoga sessions, and 3-4 yearly yoga retreats in Central America and Europe. She also pens a humorist column called Goodness, written from what she refers to as the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern ignorance.


About Valentina Rose, RYT 500

Yogaworks Certified Yoga Teacher

My name is Valentina Rose, and I think the word that describes me best is bi-cultural.  I  was born and raised in Italy and later shifted my life to the North American continent.  But I am neither Italian nor American. Rather I have become a unique person with a mixed cultural background, a propensity to laugh, and the ability to understand many perspectives. And while I now involuntarily speak all the languages I know with an accent, I am unafraid to express my opinion (so I was told).  Ever since I left Italy at age 19, I have lived in Long Island NY, Marin county CA, Santa Cruz, CA, Miami Beach FL, and the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica and have made it a point to explore other places frequently and consistently.

Today Valentina is a full time certified yoga instructor based in Costa Rica. Her unique yoga background comes from learning with different teachers from Italy, California and the Miami area. She is registered through the Yoga Alliance as a RYT-200 and is a RYT- 500 with YogaWorks in San Francisco. Valentina has studied with yoga teacher and lifetime achievement awardee Paul Toliuszis in Miami Beach, Gentle Therapeutics Yoga creator Allaine Stricklen and senior Yogaworks teacher Michele Klink in the California Bay Area.  

Known for her clearly articulated instruction, Valentina’s classes weave together precise alignment and a meditative, powerful focus. Her well-thought out sequences, intermixed with longer held postures create the right alchemy for empowering each student to become more centered and self-aware. Valentina’s style and delivery is practical and applicable, making yoga accessible and useful for all.

Valentina has blended her love of travel and yoga to co-create and lead retreats in Costa Rica, Panama and Europe.  When she isn’t hosting yoga retreats or blogging, Valentina can be found trail-running or baking quiche.


Photographer: Jonathan Hokklo