Certified Skanda Yoga Teacher

Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher

With a lifelong interest in the subconscious mind, Eywa started her journey of yoga before even knowing what yoga was. As a child she found different ways to access her subconscious: Through journaling, art, self taught meditation, breathing and lucid dreaming. She early on learned to access trance states, and used it to survive and thrive in spite of an often traumatic childhood.

Balancing dynamic motion with pockets of stillness, Eywa’s Dream Power Flow classes are characterized by the juxtaposition of effort and ease. Smooth transitions and seamless sequencing leads the practitioner into a trance state, where anything is possible: Suddenly perfect balance or deeper release occurs. Self-imposed limitations and mental blockages are overcome through the surrender of old thought patterns. We are then encouraged to create our own transformation through the tools of self hypnosis.

It was with a feeling of absolute wonder that she found the practice of yoga as a young adult. To realize that there was a thousands of year old tradition of studying these things! She became a devout yoga practitioner, learned different meditation techniques, and started studying Tibetan yoga of dream and sleep to further explore her subconscious mind through dreams. The last pieces in the puzzle came when she realized that she was actually using hypnosis to instill flow states during her yoga classes. She decided to study hypnosis and earn a degree as a clinical hypnotist in the fall of 2019.

With many thousands of yoga and meditation teaching hours, Eywa has shared her passion for transformation with everyone that has crossed her path, and while doing so received much needed healing herself from the yoga community. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, trauma and neglect, she is beyond grateful to devote her life to sharing the power of healing and transformation, the pillars of her own joy and happiness.

Dream Power is the healing system of yoga, meditation and hypnosis that ties it all together. Starting fall 2019, Eywa will be seeing clients for one on one hypnosis sessions.